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  • I have been looking for a new yoga studio for over a year and after trying over 5 places I finally found the best studio for me! Kamie is an amazing teacher and I leave her classes feeling rejuvenated. I love that she shares insight on the poses and helps provide understanding of various yoga and meditation techniques. The missing link for me was the learning aspect of yoga wanting to know the "why" of what we were doing. I highly recommend this studio! Also as a bonus there is a dog! šŸ™‚
  • I have been going to Yoga in Anoka for little over a year now and I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is. It has been a "life changer" for me. I go to a variety of classes and have met so many new friends. I feel welcomed every time I walk in the door. All of the instructors are so good and know what they are doing. Looking forward to many more years of classes and workshops!
  • This studio is amazing - can't recommend enough to family & friends. I started going to prenatal yoga classes during my 2nd pregnancy, and it honestly made the whole difference in empowering and strengthening me to have the natural birth experience I hoped for. Since then I have been so impressed by every teacher & class I've tried, and the community is wonderful and supportive. Any studio that makes every beginner feel 100% welcome and at home is a gift to yogis everywhere! Such a gem to have found this close to home.
  • I attended the Yoga Spa- Get pampered! Worth-every-penny!! It was so chill, and relaxing, Rufus the dog made me feel welcome too:) We were served tea, and the facial massage and tuning fork were the icing on the cake! The final loving visualization was so beautifulšŸ’œ Definitely signing up for another session!
  • I began taking yoga classes with Kamie over 10 years ago and have continued ever since. Her background and knowledge of yoga and its impact on one's body and life is impressive! I really love and appreciate her opening words for every class "What do you need today?" as she truly listens and incorporates those specific needs into every class. Over the years I have seen my flexibility and strength improve which I totally attribute to these classes. I have recommended and continue to recommend this studio to others as Kamie along with her other instructors make every yoga class an exceptional experience!
  • Justine Humnick
  • Debi Spiess
  • Laura Fanucci
  • Jennifer OShea
  • A. Gullette

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