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AyurvedaSpring Cleanse the Ayurvedic Way!

Why Detox? Unhealthy or irregular dietary habits, unmanaged stress, and environmental toxins can challenge your digestion. A weak digestive system results in the accumulation of ama, or toxins, that cause disease and premature aging. Your digestion is a true reflection of your mental-emotional-physical state of balance or imbalance. A few signs of a stressed digestive system and accumulation of toxins are fatigue and lack of motivation, mental fogginess and forgetfulness, recurring infections and illnesses, and weight gain. Look at the questions below to see how you really feel. If you answer “yes” to more then half of the statements below, you may have poor digestion, and it is time to consider a Ayurvedic health makeover.

• When I wake up in the morning, I feel tired and unclear, and I need time to feel awake.
• In the morning, my tongue is often coated with a thick film.
• I feel or have obstruction/blockages in my body (constipation, congestion, fogginess)
• I often suffer from indigestion or heartburn.
• I tend to feel heaviness or fatigue in the body.
• I tend to feel tired or exhausted mentally and physically.
• I get common colds (flues, sinus problems) several times a year.
• I tend to feel that my body is not functioning properly (breathing, digestion, elimination, other)
• I tend to feel lazy, not motivated to do much.
• I tend to spit often or have a bad taste in my mouth.
• I often have no real appetite, and food really doesn’t taste all that good.

Outline for the cleanse. (Details TBA)
Phase #1: Clean it up!
Phase #2: Clear out the AMA: The Byproduct of Poor Digestion
Phase #3:  Detox – Bring on the Kitchari
Phase #4: Introduce foods that promote strong digestion and build Ojas (vitality of life)
Phase #5: Now its up to you!

Ayurveda 101 

What is Ayueveda? What is a Dosha? How should I eat to be healthy according to my dosha? What daily routines will help to reduce stress?  Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. It is from an understanding of nature’s natural rhythms and laws, and work with the imbalances that show up as signs of disease in the mind and body.

Ayurveda Routine for the Fall

Fall is a time of transition and in Minnesota the beauty of changing leaves and cooler temps. The climate, which, just a few weeks ago was resting in the warmth of summer, is beginning to show the crispness of autumn. In autumn there is a certain emptiness with the death of the lush green of summer to the harshness of winter. The transition can leave us feeling exposed and a little raw, but it is also filled with possibility of regrowth and change. Like the phenix that rises from the ashes so will we, but at what cost. Will we be depleted, agitated and raw? Or nourished and thriving? Autumn is a time when we can slow down to the bare essentials of our being and savor the simplicity of life. It brings the element of air and either and of course prana, the life force, the potential and essence of life. Autumn is dry, rough, windy, erratic, cool, subtle, and clear all of the qualities of vata dosha. Autumn is considered a vata season. Ayurveda considers a seasonal routine an important part of optimal health, year around.

Goals of the workshop:
~ Signs of accumulation of vata (dryness, joint discomfort, etc)
~ Learn the importance of a Routine
~ Supportive practices ~ Exercise, food, meditation and yoga
~ And more

No refunds or transfers for missed classes or workshops.


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